Apple Introduced their first generation of iPhone on June 29, 2007. Since 2007 until now days they have released more than 21 models of iPhone in our marketplace.

 When people buy any iPhone from any authorized Apple Store. Usually they get 1 year Apple official warranty. But after expiring the warranty period, they used to feel very insecure here in Bangladesh for their expensive iPhone. Because there is several  people are repairing Apple Devices in a typical repair shop without having any exact knowledge about Apple device and its operational block. which is very insecure.

Apple device are not like another ordinary devices. So generally Apple users wants Somebody to take care of their device just like a baby. Its been so many years, iCare Apple uniquely providing the best quality Service & supports for all Apple devices in Bangladesh. Even we are able to provide all Apple iPhone Authentic Repair Parts and accessories

iPhone Battery Replacement Service

The very common and normal characteristics of any kind of battery is it degrade with use over time. They loose their ability to hold full charge. Apple’s batteries are rated to hold 80% of their capacity for up to 500 charge cycles, which lasts roughly 18-24 months for most Apple users. So it is very common matter of all iPhone. 

But Some of our clients says that they are not getting more than three hours battery backup. And obviously which is very unusual. The question is Why ??

Its been more then 14 years. iCare Apple Deals with this common Battery issues. After investigating thousands of Clients issues, we found most of these unusual problems occurs from using  unauthorized charger or using any typical Chinese normal mobile charger. So stop using any unauthorized charger. It may cause your iPhone run more slowly.

If you are  already facing these unusual Problems. Then just bring it to our iCare Apple and replace your Battery  immediately.

iPhone Display Replacement Service

you smash the iPhone touch screen and you wonder why Apple would use a screen made of glass on a mobile phone. Sounds funny. It happens to everyone. We noticed that more than 65% of our iPhone clients are having display issues. 

Is your iPhone not responding to touch or just cracked, or not showing anything on the display  when your phone is powered on?

Then it demands the  display replacement Service. When we replace the iPhone screen, we also replace the digitiser as these two parts are glued together. But sometimes the broken front glass is replaceable if  it’s display & touch panel are works perfectly.

We are providing you the most authentic display in marketplace with 1 year replacement guaranty.

All iPhone Authentic Parts And accessories

Parts List of iPhone XS Max

  1. Display
  2. Battery
  3. Adapters
  4. Adhesive Pads
  5. Adhesive Strips
  6. Antennas
  7. Buttons
  8. Cables
  9. Cameras
  10. Case Components
  11. Dock Connectors
  12. Flash
  13. Gripping
  14. Lightning Connector
  15. Screen Protectors
  16. Screens
  17. SIM Tray
  18. Speakers
  19. Test Cables
  20. Vibrators