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The Macintosh or Mac is a series of several lines of personal computers, manufactured by Apple Inc. The first Macintosh was introduced on 24th January 1984 by Steve Jobs and it was the first commercially successful personal computer.

Since 1984, Apple has introduced many devices in our market place like iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and so on. When people buy any Mac device from Authorised Apple Store, usually they get One Year Apple Official warranty. But after expiring the warranty period, they used to feel very insecure here in Bangladesh for their sophisticated Mac. Now the Big Question is who can offer Apples service in proper way. Yes! One thing You do. You can go to any ordinary local technician. They might be offer you Cheep options in some cases even without knowing the exact problems and its operational block to work. You Will feel inside very insecure. You know that Apple devices are not like another ordinary devices. So generally Apple user wants Somebody to take Care of their Device Just like a Baby. 

It’s been more than 15 years, iCare Apple uniquely Providing the Quality Service & support For Apple Devices in Bangladesh

MacBook Display Replacement Service

Several MacBook users have reported that their screen displays are flickering. Some users have started that the problem would occur randomly. It seems that both retina and non-retina screens may experience this. It further seems that some screen flickering issues are so severe that it makes it almost impossible to look at the screen. Some users break their display by accident.

when you think that your display is not working properly or need to be changed. iCare Apple committed with their clients to get it back in original condition. we Provide the most Authentic and OEM display to our clients.

MacBook Battery Replacement Service

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook computers come with lithium polymer batteries to provide maximum battery life in a compact space though. But still it is very common characteristics of all kind of battery that it will loose its charge holding capability after using a specific period of time or. Normally Apple MacBooks Batteries are expected to function for a certain number of cycles. This number represents the sum of total and partial discharge cycles throughout the life of the battery. Full charge capacity  Measured in mAH (milliampere-hours), this refers to the amount of power the battery is capable of containing, less the energy required to shut down the device. This number lowers as the battery becomes depleted with usage and age.

You can see the cycle count limit for your computer. to see the cycle count , go to the top left corner of your mac display the press the Apple Logo > About this Mac, > goto system report > then click on power tab. you will see the cycle count of your MacBook Battery. for example it is 270 Cycle. it mean 270 times you have fully charged your battery. Actually practically how good is your battery life? it not depends on the cycle count. We noticed that some of our clients are having only 200 cycle and some of them are having more then 800 cycle count. But sometimes we wonder that the 200 cycle counted battery is giving less performance the the 800 cycle counted battery. Sometimes you will see a pop up notification “Service Battery” on top right corner.

After investigating several clients issues, we found most of these problems occurs from using any copy or unauthorized charger.

if you are facing any problems with your MacBook Battery. Directly contact with us. We are able to provide you the authentic MacBook Battery with replacement guaranty

MacBook Motherboard Replacement Service

Motherboard is the most essential and the main part of MacBook. There are mainly three kinds of Apple laptops Releases every year.

1.MacBook Air.

2. MacBook Pro

3. MacBook

All of these laptops architectures are different from each others. Apple makes their MacBook Pro Laptops very compact day by day. All of its essential Parts like RAM, GPA, CPU etc are built in motherboard. Its architecture was little different before 2012.

Incase if your Macbook not turning on or it makes a beep sound when you try to turn it on. it means it is having some motherboard issue. Sometimes it is possible to fix the motherboard. and sometimes you to replace the full motherboard.

What ever the problem is. Just bring it to our iCare Apple. Will take care of these issues.

All MacBook Authentic Parts

MacBook Pro Speaker
Display for MacBook Pro Retina 13" (Late 2016-2017)
MacBook Pro Touch Bar
Apple Service Center Bangladesh
MacBook Pro Retina 13" Battery
MacBook Wireless Card
MacBook Pro / Air Track Pad
MacBook Pro / Air SSD
MacBook Screw Set
MacBook Pro Unibody 13" (Mid 2009 - Mid 2013) Battery
MacBook Pro Retina 15" (Late 2013-Mid 2014) Battery
MacBook Retina 12" (Early 2016-2017) IPD Flex Cable
MacBook Pro Cooling Fan
MacBook Air 13" Mid 2012 DC & Audio I/O Board
MacBook Pro Retina 15" (Late 2013-Mid 2015) MagSafe 2 DC-In Board
Display LVDS Cable for MacBook Pro Retina (2012-2015)
MacBook Type-C Charging Port
MacBook Air 11" Battery
MAcBook Air A1466 DC to Main Board Flex Cable
MacBook A1534 Power Cheap
MacBook Pro A1502 Logic Board
MacBook Pro A1502 TrackPad
MacBook Pro A1502 TrackPad Flex
MacBook Pro A1502 Left Speaker
MacBook Pro A1502 Rettina Display

Why Choose us?

  •  Fast 24 hour repair service.
  • Trained Certified Engineer.
  • Special Delivery Included in repairs.
  • Repairs Cost includes 3 months Warranty.

Our Four Step Procedure

  1. We receive your Device.
  2. We diagnose your Apple Device.
  3. We Report about your Exact Problem detail.
  4. We Fix Your Apple Device & Deliver Within Required Time.